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I really wish that I didn't have to say this but this goes for all of my art.

You do not have permission to use my artwork.

You may NOT trace it, alter it, use it as a stock image, claim it as yours, use it as your icon anywhere, or anything like that. If any of my artwork is posted anywhere else without my permission. You will be reported. Especially those that did not properly credit and linked my art to here. You will definitely be reported.
I don’t like video games where you have to escort non-playing characters and make sure that they don’t die. I wouldn’t mind them so much if the NPC weren’t so stupid and needed to be babied so much.

It should be common sense to not run right into danger, but I guess the programmers forgot to add that into their programming. If there’s a hoard of zombies coming at us, why NPC do you run right into them? Don’t you see me running around them? Don’t you see me punching, kicking, dodging and hitting or killing them? How in the hell did you NPC “survive” so long without a freaking weapon anyway? Hell, why do you always run right into my line of fire?

And then it’s like oh my freaking goodness, you can’t even deal with one damn zombie? I get that escort missions are challenges in the game, but realistically people wouldn’t act like that. If they lasted so long they must have been doing a pretty damn good job before I came along. So why would they suddenly act like dumbasses the moment I convince them that I can escort them to somewhere safe? A good example of shitty escort missions is the first game in the Dead Rising series. I don't remember how the other games were like, but I definitely remember how frustrated I was trying to save all the survivors. They just kept doing stupid things.

If they want realism and to spice things up, there should be certain NPC that just can’t be saved or don’t need your help. Maybe they rather take their chances on their own then to join up with other survivors? Maybe they end up doing something that gets them killed? Such as leaving your ass to die in order to save themselves? Or maybe one of them is too injured to be help and they only got a hour/mins until they die? So maybe you can fulfill their dying request so it’s not like you wasted your time finding them for nothing? 

There’s so many possibilities, not just with how NPCs could be, but what a player could do to escort them. However, in video games it always seems like the players are limited to only one way to help the NPCs. Why can’t I move them from safe room to safe room where they wait for you to clear a path or something? Those “safe rooms” could just be a bathroom, or maintenance room, closet, any room that has a door that works. I could tell them to wait there, close the door and kill the zombies. Then when there’s not so much of the undead around, I'll get the NPC and run the rest of the way to the base/safe zone. If zombies get to close then I can trust the NPCs to use their weapons to knock them away or dodge them. Or have some NPCs that are able to survive on their own, depending on their personality and background. It would make sense for an athlete NPC to survive a little longer than an old man NPC (unless that old man is a veteran or something).

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that hates, hates escort missions with dumb ass NPCs. 
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